BY: Larry Beck

Trump’s Monumental Lies Without Consequences Endanger a Nation

Donald Trump's long-awaited indictment brings hope, as his misconduct and corrupt practices face legal consequences.

Underfunded criminal justice system is slow, manipulated by the wealthy, disproportionately targeting and harming marginalized communities.

Elected prosecutor faces challenges indicting rich, powerful, including former US president. Seriousness and uncertainty prevail.

Trump's fraud indictment in New York carries significant weight, marking a commitment to hold him accountable for his actions.

New York indictment accuses Trump of 34 felony counts, including fraudulently concealing negative information before the 2016 election.

Consensus grows for more indictments on Trump's post-office misconduct, highlighting the demand for accountability among progressives.

Trump found personally liable for sexual abuse and defamation. New York indictment includes fraud and hush money allegations.

Growing fervent support from the far-right Republican Party remains committed to a Trump rerun, despite his factual shortcomings.