This Is How Occupying Palestine Has Undone Israeli Democracy

Israeli Knesset limits High Court's power. Controversial amidst protests and broader court system changes.

Harari warns: Restricting top court in weak checks parliamentary system risks significant move towards autocracy.

High court used British-rooted doctrine to void Deri's cabinet role, his legal issues raised concerns.

Netanyahu keeps Shas support despite cabinet change. Party's rightward shift aligns with West Bank settlement.

Israeli Ultra-Orthodox: low taxes, Torah subsidies, no military. 13% population burden, cheap housing on Palestinian land.

At +976 Magazine, Ben Reiff noted Justice Minister Yariv Levin links judiciary actions to Palestine, BDS support.

Netanyahu aims for Knesset to override court on rights laws. Extremists oppose international law reliance.

High court used diverse legal sources to support settlements, disregarding international law and conventions.