The World Should Learn From Poverty Alleviation in India

UNDP's 2023 report: India lifts 415 million from poverty in 15 years, a remarkable feat for a young democracy.

Report uses multifaceted approach, considers education, health, living conditions for precise poverty assessment.

UNDP's data collection timing prevents direct country comparison, study tracks trends over time, including India's data.

2005–06: 55.1% Indians in multidimensional poverty. 2015–16: 27.7%. Avg. yearly decline: 5.4% poverty rate.

2019–21: Poverty dropped to 16.4%, 230M people. 140M out of poverty in 5 years, 9.1% yearly decrease.

India's poverty index plunged from 0.283 to 0.069 (2005–2021), with improved living conditions, setting a global example.

Modi's focus on poverty reduced child mortality, improved nutrition, and built 30M homes under Awas Yojana.

Modi's schemes: Water access doubled, latrines built, 95.9M women got LPG connections, total LPG doubled in 9 years.