BY: Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J.S. Davies

The World Presses to End the War in Ukraine War: Can the US Agree?

Japan's G7 summit invite to Brazil, India, and Indonesia raises hope for advocating peace in Ukraine to Western powers.

Global South leaders silenced as G7 host nations announce stricter sanctions on Russia and F-16 warplanes for Ukraine.

G7 summit sidelines peace efforts, past mediators blocked by US and UK in Ukraine-Russia conflict for independent peace agreement.

With no end in sight, new leaders emerge to push for peace talks. Denmark offers to host summit, signaling potential progress.

Rasmussen urges global commitment for peace talks, seeking support from China, Brazil, India, reflecting potential shift in European perspective.

NATO members urge Ukraine to end war, facilitate refugee return. Orban suggests US-Russia negotiations for resolution.

China's peace initiative advances, Li Hui meets Putin, Zelenskyy, Kuleba, European leaders. Key trading partner engages both sides.

Brazil's President Lula da Silva creates 'peace club' to resolve Ukraine conflict. Diplomat Celso Amorim appointed as peace envoy.