BY: John Feffer

The World Now Needs Green Trade, Not Free Trade

Global economy surpasses $100 trillion in 2022, fueled by 4% annual trade growth since 1980 through globalization.

"Free trade" treaties spread globalization, creating a legal architecture for capital, ignoring human and environmental rights.

Global trade causes pollution, including carbon emissions responsible for climate change, accounting for 20-30% of global emissions.

ISDS clauses in trade treaties allow corporations to sue governments over regulations affecting profits, hindering climate change reforms.

Global trade controls fossil fuel agribusiness monopolies, hurting small-scale farmers as a better alternative to monoculture operations.

Global agrobusiness generates methane and nitrous oxide emissions in addition to carbon emissions, exacerbating climate change.

Global trade and alternatives to free trade were discussed in a December 2022 webinar by the Global Just Transition project.

Domestic protectionism helped local businesses compete against foreign imports and investors in the modern era.