The World Needs the US and China to Talk

US-China relationship deteriorates as China catches up, raising conflict risks with heated rhetoric hindering compromise prospects.

US unites in preparing for China rivalry, with continued tariffs, Taiwan support, and controversial actions impacting diplomatic relations.

Tariffs prevent military use, dividing allies. China's navy threatens freedom of navigation, impacting global prosperity and stability.

Expert Charles Kupchan issues stern warning on China "cold war" complacency in The Atlantic publication.

US-China "cold war" presents a different power dynamic than US-USSR, with China's larger population, GDP, Navy, and R&D spending.

China's aging population, low birth rate, and job scarcity contrast with the US, while empty apartments contribute to local government debts.

Centralized thinking in China risks military effectiveness, limited combat experience and lower spending compared to the US.

US-China rivalry hinders cooperation on shared concerns like climate change and food insecurity, posing challenges for the EU.