The War on Terror: 22 Years On

Atul Singh and Glenn Carle explore US entry into the Global War on Terror, shaping 15-year foreign policy.

Taliban sheltered al-Qaeda, 9/11 sparked NATO defense, allies and Northern Alliance ousted Taliban, reshaping Afghanistan.

Bin Laden underestimated US, quick allied invasion shattered Taliban, heralding new Afghanistan era in 6 weeks.

Bin Laden escaped, prolonging US stay. Taliban-led insurgency. Bush knew nation-building unrealistic. US stuck in Afghanistan.

Carle questions flawed al-Qaeda assessment, intel saw global threat. Secret resistance's control doubted in fragmented Afghanistan.

US lacked victory plan, stayed due to terror fears and credibility concerns. Foolish effort, Afghanistan's complexity ignored.

Iraq diverted resources, hindered Afghan nation-building. Intel missed al-Qaeda's non-state threat, shaping "Global War on Terror."

US acted to protect Israel, create Arab democracy. Iraq outcome miscalculated, better counterterrorism approach needed.