BY: Karen Greenberg

The US Still Continues its Quest to Hide Torture

In Blindman's Buff tag, blindfolded child taps others using sound and spatial awareness, relying on luck to succeed.

The American public, like a blindfolded child, searches in the dark for the truth about the government's torture program.

For 20 years, the search for truth about the torture program under President George W. Bush continues, hindered by secrecy.

The torture program remained shrouded in darkness with secret sites, redacted documents, and obstruction of justice, perpetuating secrecy.

After two decades, efforts to keep the blindfold in place are failing as investigations uncover damning facts about American-style torture.

The blindfold began to unravel in 2002 when reports exposed secret detention centers and unlawful techniques used against captives.

Groups like the ACLU filed FOIA requests to expose torture, seeking records on detainee treatment and government compliance.

In 2004, the first photographs of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison sparked investigations into authorized torture techniques used worldwide.

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