The US Needs External Enemies to Overcome Internal Division

BY: Josep Colomer

US involvement in Ukraine conflict stems from NATO expansion, breaking initial promises to Moscow and limiting Russian power.

Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex, where some in the US have a private financial interest in the war industry.

DC think tanks advocated arming Ukraine after Crimea occupation. Selling arms benefits shareholders, jobs, and US dominance.

Internal political stability vital for foreign interests. Discussed in Constitutional Polarization. US lacked foreign policy during 19th century.

US established stable borders and became organized as a federation, enabling independent foreign policy in the 20th century.

Ineffective domestic politics clouds US foreign policy. Separation of powers, two-party system can lead to paralysis, shutdowns, and impeachments.

Bipartisan cooperation occurs during existential threats. WWII, Cold War, and "Red Scare" united nation due to fear, apathy.

Peaceful last 30 years saw emergence of internal political issues on health, climate, race, immigration, polarizing nation instead of uniting.