BY: Zachary Wright & Amelia Snyder

The US Must Act Now To Overcome Chinese Cyber Threat

Chinese CCP's tech threatens US influence as it expands through cyber-espionage, attacks, and influence operations.

Cyberspace's rapid integration poses risks for US military and civilians, with increasing dependency and potential vulnerabilities.

Internet infiltrates lives, enabling cyber-attacks on all, risking citizens amidst weak protection, laws, infrastructure.

Unregulated internet and outdated infrastructure hinder timely identification of cyber attackers, posing significant challenges.

China can deny state-sponsored cyber-attacks, attributing them to independent hackers, creating plausible deniability.

US vulnerability to cyber threats is amplified by public underestimation of their significance, hindering effective response.

US and China engage in cyber spying, limited US response undermines deterrence and invites further attacks.

Chinese citizens view cyber-attacks on the US as their civic duty, enabling more extensive attacks with plausible deniability.