The US Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex Is a Nightmare Now

BY: William J Astore

Eisenhower's "Cross of Iron" speech warned of the dangers of Cold War competition and the military-industrial complex.

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Frustrated US President warned of anti-democratic nature and disastrous rise of military-industrial complex in his farewell address.

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MICC waged war on communism, launched conflicts in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, and started Global War on Terror.

Ignoring the failed war on terror, the MICC now uses a "new cold war" with China and Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

Military-industrial complex dominates US government and culture, leading to nuclear threat in 2023.

Ike's 1953 speech on militarism highlighted its true cost, stating that every gun, warship, and rocket is theft from basic needs.

Militarism costs labor, genius, and hope. One bomber equals 30 schools, 2 power plants, 2 hospitals, and 50 miles of pavement.

Ike questioned militarism's true cost, comparing guns to butter, and warned of humanity's suffering under war.