BY:  James M. Dorsey

The US Lacks Credibility, but All Is Not Lost

Arab poll shows US credibility decline due to inconsistent policies. Focus on policy, not culture, tech, or economy can rebuild trust.

US policies contradicting professed values exposed more in the past 22 years: War on Terror, Islamophobia, Iraq, Israel, Ukraine.

China's influence in the Middle East grows while Arab nations remain defensive after the 9/11 attacks, altering the competition.

US credibility issue worsened by broader resentment in Global South against the West, highlighted by Djalal and Sheldrick.

Perceived Western double standards fuel resentment: vaccine nationalism, protectionism contradict preached values.

Arab Youth Survey highlights credibility challenge for Biden administration. US ranks seventh as an ally among Arab respondents.

US influence remains in the Arab world, but 61% of youths support disengagement. 33% see US as most influential.

US ranks second (19%) as preferred country for Arab youth to live in, behind UAE (24%). Contradictions challenge credibility.