BY: Syed Zain Abbas Rizvi

The Truth About US Support for Ukraine, But Not Palestine

West's foreign policy supports rules-based order since Cold War, but sadly not unbiased to every state regardless of differences.

West unites vs Russian invasion in Ukraine with sanctions, aid, US approves $112bn assistance including energy cuts.

US responded to 2014 Crimea takeover by leading UNHRC ejection, UNGA censure, and G8 suspension of Russia.

Blinken declares US opposition to Russian aggression vs Ukraine, sanctions also issued to Iran for aiding Russian drones.

Is UN Charter absolute or selectively judged by US? Answer made evident on 2022's penultimate day regarding Russian invasion.

UNGA seeks ICJ opinion on Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian territories, resolution passed with 87-26-53 vote split.

US and UK oppose UNGA resolution seeking ICJ opinion on Israel's illegal occupation, noted for Ukraine-Russia hypocrisy.

US Representatives urge President Biden to remove Russia from the UNSC for violating the UN Charter with its actions in Ukraine.