BY: Mehdi Alavi

The Truth About US Democracy

US claims democracy, but falls short. Authoritarian regimes like Russia and Egypt also display democratic elements.

US claims representative democracy, but politicians serve megadonors instead of constituents' interests and welfare.

Rich control US politicians, Trump's meeting with megadonor Adelson raises suspicions, denying intentional influence.

US electoral system corrupt, House Speaker election exemplifies inefficiency and fuels extreme political polarization.

Economic disparity oppresses minorities, rich-poor gap widens. 32% wealth held by 1%, while 11% live in poverty.

US economic disparities evident. Tax policy favors rich despite public opinion favoring higher taxes for wealthiest.

USG intertwined with wealthy, forming a "deep state" plutocracy. Jimmy Carter referred to political bribery and oligarchy.

US candidates dependent on wealthy donors. Senate races average $10M, 2016 presidential campaigns spent $1B+.