The Truth About the 2023 Nigerian Presidential Elections

Nigeria's March 2023 elections sparked hope for change due to the previous administration's economic challenges.

PDP, APC, and other parties fiercely competed in highly contested elections, showcasing significant strength.

APC's 2015 victory reshaped Nigeria's politics. Buhari won 21 states with 53.96% against PDP's Goodluck Jonathan.

In 2019, Buhari's re-election perceived as rigged. His party then nominated Bola Ahmed Tinubu for 2023.

INEC introduced Permanent Voter Card (PVC) for 96.3 million voters in 2023 election, with online registration.

Recent electoral changes: PVC introduced. Primary elections held from April 4 to June 9, 2022, with VP selection.

Tinubu chose Kashim Shettima, former Borno governor, as APC running mate in the Nigerian presidential election.

Peter Obi, former governor of Anambra State, won LP nomination with running mate Yusuf Baba-Ahmed.