BY: Vikram Zutshi

The Truth About Joe Biden’s Immigration Policy

US-Mexico border crisis: historical factors, economic disparities, violence, and labor demand drive migration dynamics.

NAFTA's impact on US-Mexico: economic shift, displaced farmers, unemployment, and increased migration due to wage opportunities.

Approximately 11 million unauthorized immigrants were in the US, mainly from Mexico and Central America in 2018.

US immigration crisis persists despite past reforms like IRCA in 1986, due to challenges and inadequate border security.

Notable increase in US-Mexico border crossings since 2021 due to economic challenges, violence, instability, and family reunification.

Migrant influx overwhelms border facilities, straining resources, resulting in overcrowded and inadequate conditions for detainees.

Migrant surge strains asylum processing and court backlogs, leaving individuals in limbo and management challenges.

Biden's policies dismantling Trump's immigration legacy contributed to the current border crisis, attracting illegal immigration.