The Tragicomedy of Sanctions or the Theater of the Absurd

Washington Post: China's tech advance poses economic warfare threat, overshadowing traditional military conflicts.

Huawei's smartphones challenge US policy to contain China, initiated by Trump and continued by Biden.

Legacy of Cold War containment endures in NATO expansion, influencing the Ukraine conflict.

Foggy Bottom focuses on containing China, citing its communism and rising economic power as key reasons.

Despite U.S. sanctions, China advances in AI and big data with domestically produced advanced semiconductors.

Non-explosive weapon, born in the late 20th century, disrupts and dissolves post-World War II norms.

Comment: "Biden admin officials declined to comment." Sanctions to maintain "rules-based order" and authority.

Rubio fears BRICS' dedollarization goal could weaken American control over global sanctions, vital for world order.