The Surprising Use of Nuclear Energy for a Sustainable Future

By:  Vikram Zutshi

Oppenheimer declared, 'I am Death, destroyer of worlds,' after witnessing the first nuclear weapon detonation in 1945.

Oppenheimer's quote derives from the Bhagavad Gita, where Krishna reveals his all-encompassing form to Arjuna.

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Oppenheimer viewed nuclear weapons as a modern Arjuna dilemma, embodying unparalleled global devastation and cosmic power.

The Manhattan Project aimed to create the first atomic bomb during WWII, driven by concerns of Nazi Germany.

The Trinity Test realized controlled nuclear energy, leading to devastating atomic bombings and Japan's surrender, ending the war.

The Manhattan Project achieved scientific milestones, triggered the nuclear arms race, and raised moral concerns worldwide.

Oppenheimer's legacy endures with his vision of peaceful nuclear energy despite the revocation of his security clearance.

Nuclear power emerges as a promising, clean energy source in the fight against climate change despite past controversies.