The Sun Has Now Set on the British Empire

By: Bhaskar Majumdar

25 years in Britain, love, respect the country. London, son's home, British identity forged despite Indian roots.

Chose Britain for pleasant living, culture, intellect, business, historic valor and resilience shaped its appeal.

My chosen home's hopeful path dims, British Empire's sun sets. Brexit bears blame for this historic setback.

Post-WWII, UK lost empire but held global status. Suez deepened US alliance, British followed in conflicts.

The UK's "special relationship" isn't sustaining the economy. High inflation, low growth, and productivity lag.

Post-WWII, UK's welfare economy thrived. NHS, a treasured asset, faces crises with longer waits and strikes.

UK's failing welfare, NHS collapse, burdened by generations not working. Reform, Appleby's idea needed.

Aging population strains finances, government considers raising taxes for higher earners to balance budget.