The So-Called Arab Winter Is Now Heating Back Up

Protesters challenge autocrats in Syria, Bahrain, Libya, Iran, Israel, sparking fears of another wave. 

Recent protests follow a decade of Middle East turmoil. UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt countered the 2011 revolts.

Protests in 2019-2020 were stifled by autocrats and COVID, leading to a possible thaw in the "Arab Winter."

Iran anticipates the anniversary of Masha Amini's suspicious death, triggering past protests, with potential for more.

Sustained protests in Syria's Suwayda demand Assad's fall, spreading to other regions, challenging his rule.

Bahrain struggles to end a three-week hunger strike by 800 prisoners demanding better incarceration conditions.

Libyan security deployed in Tripoli to deter protests over meeting between former foreign minister and Israeli counterpart.

Israeli protests against Netanyahu's reforms, Iraq clashes over Kurdish presence in Kirkuk, sparking social unrest.