BY: Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J.S. Davies

The Scary Not-So-Winding Road from Iraq to Ukraine

US and UK invaded Iraq 20 years ago, still affects Iraq and influences how Global South views Ukraine crisis. 

49 countries supported Iraq invasion, only 4 sent troops. Disastrous interventions taught nations not to join US-led coalitions.

Global South rejects US requests for weapons to Ukraine, urges diplomacy to avoid full-scale conflict and nuclear war.

PNAC architects wanted to use US military superiority to perpetuate global power in the 21st century through Iraq invasion.

Iraq invasion showcased US "full spectrum dominance", criticized as "21st century American imperialism" by Senator Kennedy.

Kennedy was right, neocons wrong. US military aggression overthrew Saddam Hussein but failed to impose a stable new order.

Global South and China offer alternative economic development, as US focuses on military spending, illegal wars, and neocolonialism.

Neocons' regime-change strategy succeeded in the US, as they cling to power and poisoned both Democratic and Republican administrations.