The Role of the Muslim Brotherhood in Current Middle East Crisis

BY: Glenn Carle

There are two other critical elements that lead us to the current crisis and the bombings by the Israelis and the beheadings by 

the Gazans The Muslim States the Sunni Muslims and the Gazans are Sunni Muslims in particular Egypt. 

but really all of them have no love lost whatsoever for the Muslim Brotherhood The Muslim Brotherhood is a threat.

The Muslim Brotherhood inspired Egyptians assassinated Anwar Sadat because he reached.

peace with Israel The Muslim Brotherhood influenced Palestinians also destabilized Jordan.

 and on and on So the Egyptians have kept the Gazans from coming even travelling to Egypt working or anything.

 They are imprisoned by Egyptians essentially as much as from the Israelis The Israelis fear terrorist attacks.

 and the Egyptians and other Muslim states fear destabilization and revolution.