BY: Sana Mustafa

The Refugee Protection System is Racist and Colonial

Female CEO, refugee rights org, experienced displacement, highlights colonialism and white supremacy in global refugee system.

Endlessly proving fact is tiring, but fighting to end stigmatization and oppression of forcibly displaced people by purported helping institutions.

Father's disappearance in 2013 due to activism made me a forcibly displaced person, demanding freedom, justice, and the rule of law.

Received message in US: "They took him. We are leaving." Lost father, home, and country as mother and sisters fled to Türkiye.

Surviving as a queer, brown, forcibly displaced woman: fight for inclusion and rights spans Syria and new environment.

Join our global dialogue experiment with media outlets to explore colonialism, white supremacy, and the refugee experience.

Refugee protection system lacks space for firsthand voices. Silenced in policy conversations despite being a face for fundraising appeals.

Blocked from decision-making rooms, Western 'experts' dominate refugee conversations without firsthand experience of displacement.