BY: Steve Fraser

The New Scary Specter of “Woke Communism”

DeSantis fights "woke communism," passed a law mandating 45 mins of teaching about the evils of communism each Nov 7.

What communist menace? Soviet Union fell, communist parties dwindled, American Communist Party buried in McCarthy hysteria.

Anti-communism rebirth against "Woke Communism" as the powers, including big tech and media, align with the Democratic Party.

DeSantis warns of a "cold civil war" and claims "woke communism" will replace American justice. Choose liberty or death.

Trump and others accuse the Democratic Party of being a cover for Marxists, including Obama and Biden, and attack Woke CEOs.

At RNC, Charlie Kirk accuses re-elected chair Ronna McDaniel of elitism, says party leaders told struggling voters "We hate you.

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Ironically, the "spectre" Marx wanted to overthrow capitalism now resides in country clubs, corporate boardrooms, and the White House.

DeSantis rallies Republicans by attacking corporate America, including Disney and Wall Street, and promises to fight "Woke" culture.