The Latest Leap Forward in the US-India Partnership

Indian PM Modi's eighth US visit highlights strong US-India partnership and his prioritization of relations with Washington.

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Modi's first US State Visit included addressing Congress, a rare honor for an Indian leader, emphasizing bilateral relations.

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Modi's US Congress visit strengthens vital US-India partnership in Indo-Pacific, technology, defense, and clean energy.

Clinton's visit in 2000 initiated US-India partnership, followed by subsequent Presidents actively advancing the relationship.

Indian PMs, notably Modi, built a consequential India-US partnership with steadfast leadership and strong bipartisan support.

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Biden's term strengthened bilateral ties with palpable warmth and rapport, seen in various international events.

Biden's Indo-Pacific commitment stays strong amid Russia-Ukraine conflict, with frequent Quad summits countering China's expansionism.

India and the US align on counterterrorism, opposing China, India's market, and influential Indian diaspora in the US.