BY: Atul Singh

The Great Arctic Game Is Now in Full Swing

Arctic tensions rise as NATO begins military exercise, highlighting alliance strength and commitment to European defense.

13 NATO allies with 20+ ships, 35 aircraft, and 4,000 personnel conduct live-fire exercises as a message to Russia.

Russian mini-subs planted a flag deep in the Arctic, asserting Moscow's presence in a "serious, risky, and heroic mission."

Accelerating global warming causes polar ice melt, sea level rise. Impacts: catastrophes and opportunities for polar powers.

Arctic holds vast oil, gas, and mineral reserves, with estimated billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of gas.

Melting Arctic creates shorter shipping routes (NSR, NWP), boosting economies and opening new ports for Arctic nations.

Arctic race underway as Moscow leads militarization and resource grab. Russia strategically secures rights using international rules.

Russia ratified UNCLOS in 1997. CLCS recognized its majority of claims in the Arctic, granting rights to 1.7 million sq km of seabed.