BY:  John Bruton

The EU-UK Windsor Framework Is the Right Step Forward

UK Parliament set to endorse Windsor Framework, bringing flexibility to Northern Ireland Protocol, restoring UK-EU relations.

Uncertainty remains on whether the Windsor Framework will fully resolve the Good Friday Agreement crisis and the DUP split.

DUP resists joining the Executive as it means serving with a Sinn Fein politician, causing lower status and appearance issues.

Good Friday Agreement partially effective, with limited reconciliation between communities in Northern Ireland despite its success in ending violence.

The Windsor Framework introduces "Stormont Brake" and "Green Lane". The former allows 30 MLAs to raise concerns about EU laws in NI.

Windsor Framework's "Stormont Brake" may be used capriciously as a partisan lever, causing delays and business disruptions.

UK reviewing 3,800 pieces of EU regulation, deciding whether to keep, revoke, or amend them by year-end, mostly behind closed doors.

Risk of regulatory mistakes is high as UK decides which EU laws to keep, particularly in food safety. Concern for reputation.