The Curious Reign of the New Queen Victoria (Nuland)

BY: Peter Isackson

Elon Musk criticized Victoria Nuland on Twitter, known for her role in the US Department of State and neoconservative ties.

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Trump broke with Bush's foreign policy, but created his own chaos by exiting the Iran deal, Paris accord, and disarmament agreements.

Trump became the anti-establishment candidate in the 2016 election, winning the Republican primary by attacking George Bush's Iraq invasion.

Clinton and Kerry appointed Nuland, a symbol of neo-con ideology, to key State Department roles, including Ukraine, producing a coup.

Elon Musk accused Nuland of promoting war. Nuland responded with a non sequitur, stating that the war could end if Putin withdrew.

Nuland denies agency in Ukraine war, a truism used to close the debate, even by anti-establishment figures like Scahill.

Nuland's 2014 intercepted phone call with Ambassador Pyatt shows her as a revolutionary leader, managing the political side of protests.

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Nuland spoke with Ignatius about her role in the US coup and how France and Germany tried to resolve the conflict.