The Court’s Credibility Is at Its Absolutely Lowest Level

US judicial system compromised by biased appointments and party-line voting, undermining impartiality and justice.

Partisan federal judges: 6 Republicans, 3 Democrats in Supreme Court. Public opposes, demands non-political decisions. 

Incompetent judiciary favors the rich, undermines the poor and minorities. Citizens United ruling enables unlimited corporate influence.

AIPAC opposes US-Iran talks, promotes sanctions. Iran initiates global de-dollarization, marking the decline of US hegemony.

Grim future: Supreme Court's tyrannical decisions devoid of morals. Extreme-right majority threatens "long-standing rights and laws."

US Constitution mandates "one supreme Court" with judges of "good Behaviour" known for patriotism, integrity, impartiality.

Constitution implies "checks and balances." President appoints judges, Court checks actions, Congress overrides, House impeaches.

Marbury v. Madison (1803) granted Supreme Court authority to invalidate unconstitutional actions, but checks and balances eroded.