Tentative Steps Toward a New Saudi-Israeli Relationship

US delegation led by Jake Sullivan met Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia to discuss Israel-Saudi relations.

After 9/11, US Ambassador Robert Jordan questioned Saudi officials on their nationals' involvement, who shifted blame to Israel.

Crown Prince MbS sees Israel as a potential ally, and Saudi businessman Alwaleed bin Talal highlights their shared interests.

Crown prince views Israel as a strategic ally for mutual benefits in domestic projects, economy, and technological advancements.

Israel-Saudi normalization: Complementary economies, enhanced security, and regional integration for mutual benefits and leverage.

Sullivan hints at ongoing normalization talks, emphasizing national security interest, avoids further comments on the matter.

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Biden's motivation for normalization lies in foreign policy, domestic politics, and countering criticism of US diplomatic decline.

Biden hopes Israeli-Saudi normalization could persuade Netanyahu to change West Bank policies and expand Arab-Israeli normalization.