Syria’s Divided Authorities Fail to Secure Reliable Water Resources

Assad's return signals stability, but Syria's divided, facing a water crisis due to climate change and war damage.

Cholera spikes due to contaminated water highlight Syria's dire situation; crisis contained but water issues persist.

Prolonged drought before 2011's civil war affected Syria's water supply and potentially contributed to the conflict.

Before the war, Syria had widespread access to clean water, but water supply plummeted during the conflict.

War displaced millions, destruction of water and sanitation infrastructure in rebel-held areas led to a dire crisis.

UN reports over two-thirds of Syria's water treatment plants damaged or destroyed during the war, causing a dire crisis.

The Euphrates, a major water source for Syria, faces severe pollution and record-low levels, impacting agriculture.

Western aid, aiming to reduce food insecurity, worsens water scarcity and cholera by promoting irrigation-intensive crops.