Southern and Northern Allies Now Vie for Influence in Volatile Yemen

Saudi-Houthi pause since April 2022, but peace unclear. STC seeks autonomy amid Yemen's diplomatic impasse.

Yemen shocked. Houthis, al-Islah protest. Saudi-led coalition uneasy over southern parties' influence in PLC.

Saudi's response: Riaydh meetings with Hadhramaut rivals, forming National Hadhrami Council to counter STC.

New People's High Council formed in central Yemen, seen as counter to STC's momentum. Tensions rise.

PLC's disregard for the southern issue sparked STC action, led to Aden dialogue, and southerners' unity.

STC revamped leadership, including ex-rivals as co-vice presidents, bolstering southern influence within PLC.

STC's move: Cement southern PLC influence, counter al-Islah, and emphasize military leaders' roles in south.

STC dialogue success fuels concerns of southern secession, despite failed efforts to unite Houthi rivals.