By: Peter Isackson

Should Taiwan’s People Have a Voice in their Fate?

Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 sparked a shift in global politics, experts ponder on the new world order.

Global concerns: Multipolarity, dedollarization, and potential US-China nuclear showdown amid degraded relations.

Experts closely analyze any remarks on Taiwan policy as US-China relations hinge on its status, with China's militarization increasing.

Media overlooks Taiwanese public opinion amidst geopolitical tensions and potential conflict between China and US over Taiwan.

Taiwanese people are divided and confused about potential conflict as superpowers see the island as a strategic asset.

Podcast interview with James Lee sheds light on Taiwanese people's views. Recent polls show declining trust in the US.

Taiwanese concern over TSMC's technology export and US credibility behind declining trust, says James Lee.

The US underestimated the effect of Afghanistan withdrawal and seizing Taliban's assets on its credibility as a global actor.