Sending Blinken to China Won’t Interrupt the Slide Toward War

By: William H. Overholt

Blinken's Beijing visit fails to promote dialogue or understanding, unable to halt the escalating tension towards conflict.

US-China institutionalized dialogues under Bush, Obama, and partly Trump fostered understanding despite unresolved issues.

Initially admiring President Xi, Trump praised the US-China relationship, but later withdrew from dialogue.

US Presidents rely on experts like Kissinger, Brzezinski, or Scowcroft for national security, especially concerning China.

Bush balanced support for Taiwan's security with peace agreements, earning admiration from both Taipei and Beijing.

Obama, Trump, and Biden lacked top-level expertise on China, despite acknowledging it as a major foreign policy threat.

Officials lack expertise on China despite resisting Russian aggression with European expertise, creating a mismatched approach.

Lack of security clearance for China experts hampers intelligence efforts, leading to concerns and potential departures.