Seeking the Best Algorithm for Ethical War Crimes

By: Peter Isackson

During war, citizens question limits set by politicians and military, relying on their understanding and commitment.

AI blurs accountability, rational decisions mimic war crimes, shifting blame from creators to abstract agents.

Reconciling military efficacy, ethics, and AI's rationality challenges, beliefs vary, as in the cited officer's view.

Gen. Moore links Pentagon's views to society's Judeo-Christian moral compass and differing beliefs on means.

Like a compass, a consistent tool guiding despite actions seemingly contradictory to the claimed direction.

Moore acknowledges diversity, yet asserts US as Judeo-Christian society with a shared moral compass.

Like corporations as "moral persons," Moore sees society with a moral identity, accountable for actions.

Moore extends: US shares moral identity, responsibility, and "moral compass" debate, complex and subjective.