Saudi Arabia And Israel Drive A Hard Bargain For Normalization

Saudi, Israel seek high US cost for formal ties. Complex demands hinder Biden's normalization endeavors.

Saudi seeks security and nuclear aid from US, advanced weaponry, aligns with Israel on regional concerns.

Post-China Iran deal, Saudi cautious. 2016 rupture over cleric's execution. Mixed outcomes from relations.

Pact eases tensions, Saudi-Iran resume diplomacy, security talks, leader visits, marking historic progress.

Iran targets US, Israel vessels in Gulf. US deal might deter attacks. No full 2015 pact return, nuclear progress.

Netanyahu demands Iran's program end. Inadequate deals fund nuclear efforts and terrorism, warns his office.

Netanyahu and US differ on Iran's nuclear weapon threshold. Israel seeks stricter stance than Saudi Arabia.

Saudi official: Aims to solve Iran issues, warns simplistic view is risky, parallels Saudi-Iran to Europe-Russia.