Saturday’s Attack Was No Surprise, but the Sad Outcome of Oppression


It's a revolution born from a history of theft, occupation, and oppression—a desperate struggle for justice.

West condemns Palestinian attack as 'terrorism,' while others see it as a fight for justice and freedom.

Britain's role in Israel's creation and recent attack sparks questions about Palestinian self-defense rights.

Biden's unwavering support for Israel undermines US credibility as an impartial peace mediator.

Western press's surprise at Palestinian reaction shows a lack of understanding and critical support for Israel.

Edward Said: Palestinians, victims of 'the Victim,' ignored in favor of Jewish homeland after the Holocaust.

Like giving your home away, living under others' rules. Complaints met with silence, escalating tensions.

I label you a terrorist, befriend upstairs occupant, while you face restrictions, isolation, and apartheid.