Right Now Is a Nightmare for the US Club

Nine years of Ukraine's civil war led to a US-Russia proxy war after Russia's invasion and Boris Johnson's visit.

The NATO-Russia conflict shifted to a "long war," possibly intended from the start, in line with US history.

Putin's miscalculation led to a prolonged war, now approaching two years of conflict instead of a swift victory.

The proxy war defied Western expectations. The US aimed to isolate Russia, but it faced resistance.

The moral argument succeeded in Europe but faces latent reluctance, causing instability for some governments, as in Slovakia.

Beltway strategists underestimated Russia's economic resilience, leading to a war of attrition in Ukraine. 

A quick civil war shifted into a prolonged conflict when Hamas caught Israeli intelligence unprepared.

Ukraine's war of attrition evolved over time, while Israel quickly acknowledged a "long, difficult war" against Hamas.