BY: John Bruton

How to Promote Peace in Northern Ireland Now

Good Friday Agreement ended Troubles in N. Ireland. Power-sharing pact between DUP and Sinn Féin. Brexit risks agreement.

Brexit created a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, requiring a deal to avoid conflict.

Brexit deal included Northern Ireland Protocol, effective Jan 2021. Checks done at NI ports, DUP claims effective border.

DUP boycotts Stormont, UK signs Windsor Framework for Northern Ireland-UK trade. DUP opposes.

Stalemate in Northern Ireland politics likely to continue, DUP boycotts Stormont, leaving a void in political life.

Political vacuum in Northern Ireland risks being filled by undemocratic elements resorting to violence.

DUP boycott reflects deeper issues. Windsor Framework unlikely to change. UK and EU face global challenges.

Ulster Unionism faces questions in 2023, as its loyalty to a 1950s UK clashes with a diverse and hyper-globalized reality.