Qatar: America’s Best Friend in the Gulf?

Qatar mediates Venezuela-US meeting to ease strained relations over Guaido's legitimacy and US sanctions.

Doha's strategy in Venezuela strengthens its diplomatic role, aiding Washington in sensitive areas with low risk.

Unlikely Qatar mediates due to no Guaido recognition or sanctions adherence, not upsetting Washington.

Qatar hosts Taliban office for US, aiding Afghanistan withdrawal and providing logistical support with UAE.

Qatar mediates US-Iran, relays messages. Unlike UAE, not a haven for Russians evading sanctions or criminals.

US sanctions UAE firms violating Russia/Iran sanctions. UAE on FATF grey list for anti-money laundering issues.

Qatar reduces Chinese tech dependence. US grants major non-NATO ally status for hosting largest US military base.

Gulf state actions shaped by Qatar's resistance to the UAE-Saudi-led 3.5-year boycott, Qatar remained independent.