President Xi Meets with MBS: What Does This Mean for Iran?

BY: Anthony Chimente

Xi Jinping's three-day visit to Saudi Arabia in December was called a "historic new phase of relations" by Mohammed bin Salman.

China strengthens ties with Saudi Arabia, highlighting strained relations with Iran, says Middle East expert John Calabrese.

China's focus on Saudi Arabia and UAE is due to their financial capability to invest in China, but China still values Iran.

China's alliances in the Middle East are growing, prioritizing strong economic and political stability partnerships, unlike before.

China and Saudi Arabia issued a joint statement outlining their alignment on various issues, which may worsen Sino-Iranian relations.

China's joint statement with Saudi Arabia on Iran-GCC relations departs from its usual balanced stance, says Scita.

China may have sided with Saudi/Emirati views due to oil trade, desire for stability in the region, and business interests.

China's statement was a message of dissatisfaction to Iran. President Raisi saw it as a detriment to their "Look to the East" policy.