BY:  Winthrop Rodgers

Political impasse in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan's Oct 2022 elections delayed to spring 2024 by KDP-PUK infighting, impacting autonomy and legitimacy.

KDP-PUK ties fray under new leaders, generational shift disrupts cooperation, internal faction complicates progress.

KDP-PUK conflict on minority seats halts elections, reform efforts falter despite UN and diplomatic intervention.

Minority seat disagreement delays parliament renewal, sparks term extension dispute and legal challenge in Kurdistan.

Kurdistan sets Nov 18, 2023, election, US urges progress. KDP's move triggers chaos in parliamentary session.

Kurdish authority lost due to Supreme Court's ruling, IHEC now handles elections after legislative voidance.

Kurdistan's self-governance threatened as ruling parties prioritize personal interests over regional well-being.

IHEC sets post-Feb 18, 2024, election, prep time, renewal, regional events affect timing and complications.