BY: Halmat Palani

Pluralism Is the Only Way Forward for Iranian Democracy

Iran's diversity debunks the myth of Persian exclusivity, including marginalized Kurds, Baloch, Ahwazi, and Azeris.

Accused of separatism, non-Persian Iranians advocating inclusivity stress democratization and territorial integrity in Iran.

Reza Pahlavi and Iranian figures like Boniadi, Farahani, Ebadi, Alinejad, and Esmaeilion advocate for this notion.

Emphasizing territorial integrity undermines democracy, reinforcing forced assimilation against marginalized groups in Iran.

Iran's forced assimilation policy represses non-Persian identities, yet fuels their resistance and political activism for change.

Persian nationalists marginalize Kurdish aspirations using rhetoric of Islamic unity and Iranian brotherhood to delegitimize their demands.

Kurdish nationalists demand equality, rejecting separatist accusations and advocating for democracy and Kurdish autonomy in Iran.

Deliberations aim to unite democratic opposition forces for toppling the Islamist regime and establishing a diverse, democratic Iran.