BY: Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J.S. Davies

Peacemaker Finland Is Now Part of Nuclear NATO

Finland joined NATO on April 4, 2023, creating the longest border between NATO and Russia at 830 miles.

Finnish border with Russia is a potential flashpoint as it's close to Russia's nuclear submarine base. World War III may begin here.

Finland was neutral for 75 years, but now has a large military and joined NATO. 83% of Finns would resist invasion.

Support for NATO membership in Finland increased from 26% to 78% after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Finnish political leaders have been more pro-NATO than the public, despite long-standing support for neutrality.

Finland's Afghanistan review found troops engaged in combat as part of NATO, prioritizing relations with US and NATO over stability.

Finnish forces prioritized deepening collaboration with US and NATO over stabilizing Afghanistan, leading to reflexive escalation.

Finland's decision to join NATO may leave it dangerously exposed on the front lines of a war with Russia.