Peace in Their Time: No Appeasement for Putin

Powerful state's threat averted by diplomatic agreement, preventing a potential world war over border intervention.

Diplomats warned of conflict with inflamed populations, extremists, and abundant arms, urging a swift resolution.

Chamberlain negotiated Munich Agreement with Hitler in 1938, averting immediate conflict over Sudetenland.

Hitler's false promises led to Chamberlain's 'peace for our time' declaration, but war erupted after Poland's invasion.

Chamberlain may not have fully understood Hitler's aggressive territorial ambitions, leading to criticism in hindsight.

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Those advocating for compromising with Putin, trading Ukraine's land for a fragile peace, face naive judgments.

Peace advocates" overlook Putin's "Russian world" used to expand Moscow's influence in neighboring regions.

Putin's "Russian world" implies peace, territorial gains, amnesty, and avoiding financial responsibility in Ukraine.