Peace for Ukraine…Courtesy of China?

Wars end through negotiation, fundamental history, often forgotten in Brussels, Moscow, and Washington, DC.

Forever war" discourse among Putin's followers for Ukrainian conflict, survival of statehood, future focus.

Biden pledges enduring support, Europe condemns Russia's actions, stands firmly with Ukraine and its people.

Amid committed players, compromised UN, G7 condemnation, China's Xi Jinping emerges as potential peacemaker.

West mocks Xi's Ukraine peacemaker role, China's negotiation call countered by US, war's end potential.

Xi's peace role doubted, Western criticism cites China's alignment with Russia, skeptical overtures amid trade.

Consider: Could Xi, with Putin's reliance, enforce peace and uphold treaties? Implications for global order.

Peace conferences signal power shifts: 1815 - Britain, 1885 - Germany, 1919 - USA, 1945 - US global hegemony.