Pakistan’s Taliban Problem and the New Fight for the Durand Line

On September 4, 2021, Pakistan's ISI director celebrated the Taliban's peaceful takeover of Kabul they supported.

Image Credit: Asfand / Twitter

Taliban partnership fulfills General Zia's ambition for Pakistan's regional dominance through jihadist groups.

Pakistan's Taliban peace hopes turned into TTP resurgence, ISIS-K expansion, Baloch militancy, and border clashes.

Taliban in Afghanistan challenges Pakistan's security, border, and territorial integrity, posing existential concerns.

Taliban plans: press Durand Line, establish control, erase it, expand Afghanistan, and rewrite colonial history.

Mullah Omar founded Taliban in Kandahar amid the Afghan Civil War, gaining early success and local support.

"Taliban Promise": Seize with guerrilla tactics, recruit swiftly, govern through Deobandi-Islamic and Pashtun principles.

Taliban's Muslim-Pashtun identity, control, and predictability won legitimacy in a chaotic landscape.