Pakistan Struggles With Economic Collapse And Extremism

Pakistan faces economic and political deadlock under former PM Imran Khan, posing risks for regional stability.

Deadlock due to economic collapse, internal security concerns, and extremism destabilizes Pakistan, almost leading to collapse.

Pakistan's economic crisis stems from instability, unfair capitalism, mismanagement, 2022 disaster, and climate vulnerabilities.

Pakistan's economic model relies on foreign loans, with massive external debt risking bankruptcy from various creditors.

Pakistan owes $45B to multilateral institutions, including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, IMF, and others.

Pakistan's massive debt, though significant, doesn't pose immediate major risks due to small installment repayments over time.

Pakistan owes Paris Club $8.5B, repaid over 40 years with low interest rate, mainly to Japan, Germany, France, and US.

Pakistan's private debt: $7.8B in Eurobonds, Sukuk bonds. Foreign loans to reach $9B, Chinese institutions involved.