Outside the Box: Can Foreign Policy Be Consistently Stupid?

US post-WWII wars rarely succeed, causing lasting damage, Vietnam stands out with unity due to US defeat.

US-led wars, under the banner of "freedom and democracy," bring enduring catastrophe, not victory.

Kendall warns of needed changes to avoid losing wars, questioning the belief in routine US victories.

Optimistic elites overlook history when discussing wars, believing they can deter and win against formidable foes.

Journalists rarely question the unrealistic optimism surrounding war, especially with a nuclear power like China.

Curious about media's lack of concern, I questioned if ChatGPT, known for history, understands historical patterns.

The Vietnam War, universally seen as unjustified and disastrous, harmed those directly involved and others.

Iraq War widely deemed unjust, driven by false pretenses, and resulting in disasters, including ISIS emergence.