BY:  Shirin Akhter & C. Saratchand

Opposition Unity in India: Preliminary Considerations

India faced a decade of crisis: economic stagnation, social upheaval, Covid-19 toll, and business disparity.

BJP-led coalition amplifies prejudice, casteism, patriarchy, and social inequity in India's public sphere.

Rights curtailed: arbitrary arrests, prolonged detention, vigilante violence quelling dissent, undermining democracy.

Political re-engineering: parties coerced, split as BJP allies, reshaping Maharashtra state government.

Nationalist Congress Party's meetings, unlike Shiv Sena's split, hold intricate implications for India's politics.

Opposition parties form alliance ahead of 2024 elections for Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance.

BSP, YSRCP, TDP, BJD, JD(S), TRS missing due to ongoing political changes, impacting meeting participation.

Attending parties plan further meetings for opposition unity. BJP's acolyte gathering lacks similar impact.